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iPad - Sold!

Remember my 64Gb Ipad last year? Well, it’s no more. I decided to sell it for a cut-price to a friend that he will use it more than I did. I must admit that this piece of hardware served its purpose for me. I found out how the gestures work, loaded up a hell of a lot of apps, but still; I never managed to get used to it on a day-by-day basis. Instead; I am carrying around mostly my Sony VaioP25G on which (guess) I have loaded up OSX. The most annoying thing about it is its GMA500 intel VGA card.
Take my advice: If you are into the hackintosh gig DO NOT take a laptop/netbook with this VGA embedded. The most you can take out of it (afaik) is native (1600x768x32bit) framebuffer desktop. No Quartz Extreme nor Core Image.
There seems to be a Korean guy that managed to take a video of his VaioP with full acceleration support

I don’t know how he managed; I don’t speak Korean either, so anyone who might wanna help, please be my guest. Happy