A world without games, is no fun at all...

MAME4droid Reloaded (0.139)

Welp, I ought to admit there’s a whole new world out there since 1997 when I got first my hands into MAME & later MAME development. Computers got bigger, faster, then smaller, faster some more, then some of them turned into tablets, equipped with capacitive multitouch screen panels, with gravity meters, acceleration meters, GPS’s, internal sims, data packs, wifi and so forth...

Everything has changed, but one thing seems to remain the same. Well, Linux that is! Most of them are based in Linux! Those who don’t, prefer a BSD Variant that is based on Unix which (in the very essence) is the father of Linux itself!

So; what’s with all the memorabilia, someone might ask. The thing is; that if you have a common ground you can have common ideas and development! This is where this post has a point. Most of our favorite apps have been added to our beloved (?) tablets nowadays. MAME couldn’t be an exception now; could it?

Pasted Graphic

MAME4droid Reloaded is developed by David Valdeita (Seleuco), port of MAME 0.139 emulator by Nicola Salmoria and TEAM. You can get it from here.

If you’re a happy owner of a tablet like mine with extra buttons like this:
Pasted Graphic 2
then you’re a lucky chap I ‘ve to say!

MAME 0.146

A couple of days ago there was an official release of MAME and MAME32. A great deal of stuff has been added and I guess we’re gonna be busy enough to reach for the goods for the next couple of days. Clickity-Click here for the binary update (command line) or here for the UI version instead.

GooApple V.5 (updates)

There’s a whole new thread on xda-developers regarding the best rom available for the chinese clone. I’ve been really busy contributing anyway I can; there are great people too involved like anexonel from who add critical mass to this phone so that it fulfills what purpose it was made for (well, sorta&hellipWinking.

There’s also a new variation called GooApple 3G available here that supposed to give the extra oomph needed when on a cellular network. Price is the same so you don’t really have a choice whether to choose 3G or not 3G. I’m sticking to my WCDMA one anyways, since I got used to it and I rarely use cellular data.

MAME 0.145

There’s a great chance you know it since Feb.5 but, another post never harmed anyone. So, a brand new official release of MAME is out totaling 10539 games!!! I’m about to see what’s new right after the break and I suggest you do exactly the same too. Click here for the binary update (command line) or you can get the UI version instead. On the later link you can try IV/Play front-end. I find it great.

GooApple V.5

Hello there. I wish you a nice 2012 and hope you got what you wished for on vacation time. I did get a present from Santa this year. It’s called GooApple V.5 and it’s basically a clone of Apple iPhone 4 (almost same specs, but android based).
I got it from and I recommend the guys. They’re pretty straightforward and they have perfect communication.

After I got it into my hands, I’ve figured out that it was nothing like my previously owned Dell Streak. GPS was not functional, location services sucked, wifi was very faint etc.

After a couple of google searches I’ve managed to find several teams on the web with the most significant being (for the certain phone) over here @ xda developers:
It’s a long reading if you have the time - but if you own the device you’ll find every piece of information there a great gift.

So after a lot of searching and reading, I’ve managed to build a custom rom which you can find here:

I guess if you have the phone, you’ll find this post useful, so; enjoy!