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GooApple V.5

Hello there. I wish you a nice 2012 and hope you got what you wished for on vacation time. I did get a present from Santa this year. It’s called GooApple V.5 and it’s basically a clone of Apple iPhone 4 (almost same specs, but android based).
I got it from and I recommend the guys. They’re pretty straightforward and they have perfect communication.

After I got it into my hands, I’ve figured out that it was nothing like my previously owned Dell Streak. GPS was not functional, location services sucked, wifi was very faint etc.

After a couple of google searches I’ve managed to find several teams on the web with the most significant being (for the certain phone) over here @ xda developers:
It’s a long reading if you have the time - but if you own the device you’ll find every piece of information there a great gift.

So after a lot of searching and reading, I’ve managed to build a custom rom which you can find here:

I guess if you have the phone, you’ll find this post useful, so; enjoy!