A world without games, is no fun at all...

30 years of Pacman

Emulation maybe our drill, but it all started from a certain point, didn’t it? Well, it’s 30 years from now since our favorite pitsa-like guy started eating dots making funny sounds. 30 years that -i can tell you- they never passed for any of us! We are still on for a game in the meantime of a meeting, while we are waiting for the bus, or when we’re alone waiting for our beloved. Pacman is synonym to ‘arcade game’ and it’s been emulated for almost every device there is out there nowadays. Even the Google guys got to make a tribute emulation to their front page; and you know what?

They managed to do it in perfect order. I mean the ghosts are moving like in the original pacman / mspacman, you can ‘hide’ from them in a certain ‘invisible’ point etc, you can even play a 2-player game with a friend!! Of course it’s Google written all over the game, but still! I find it SUPER cool! Go to their page and have some fun!

MAME 0.138

In the middle of a -sort of- economic disaster there’s some hope on the emulation camp for more and more fun. Yes, you got it right! There’s finally a righteous reason for this ol’ page to get some sort of update. MAME 0.138 is out and ready to be fetched. Download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI here, maintained by John Hardy IV. Have fun everybody!