A world without games, is no fun at all...

MAME 0.140

Ahh, nothing like a round number (ie: 140) for an official release after all these months. Romhunting is the sport Ladies and Gents’! But first; you may want to download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI version from here, maintained all these years by John Hardy IV. Enjoy!

Games people play

Sadly, we people have very short memory. I reckon this to myself several times per day; sometimes it has to do with an algorithm I simply can’t remember, some other time it has to do with some historic-o-political event that I can’t quite recall.
Fortunately, I do have a personal mental assistant to this issue of mine and he is a live one; his name is Pantazis -Peter- Houlis an infamous mathematician and puzzle inventor, who -just by pure luck- has the same hobby with me: Arcade games... but not only that.

He has a great collection of puzzles and he invents some of the most impressive ones I have ever seen (even though I can’t manage to solve even a Rubic’s cube myself).
Lately, he added a small brick onto my amnesia wall serving me with the ability to remember (?) some of the ancient Greek puzzles this world knows. The pdf is in beta stage (not final) but he said to me I can post it for you here; so be my guest. Take your time; you’ll love it.

Thanks Peter!