A world without games, is no fun at all...


About Gameland...

It was back in 1997 when I learned about emulation. At that time, I only had in mind those years that I was a kid and spent all of my money at the arcades. Ms Pac Man was one of my favorites back then. When I learned about a program that was able to emulate Crazy Kong and Pac Man on the PC I was stunned! I thought, "I MUST be a part of it! - I MUST contribute".

All these years, gameland was a site that tried its best to preserve the fun of our youth. We stood tall against the law 3037/2002 with interviews to foreign magazines, everyday updates and we had a petition that reached more than 31000 signatures against this stupid law. Most of us now are approaching (if not over) our 40s, but personally, I don't mind at all! It was fun all the way and I'll continue to support the community anyway I can.

I hope you give yourself in the joy of the old arcades. Even if emulated, they manage to preserve the fun! They're not as fancy as the new ones, but they have that secret ingredient inside that pushes you to try once more; they have excellent playability and thus, they're awfully addictive!

Join the fun; and enjoy the trip. Ah, and remember: Don't press escape when you lose a life! Winking