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Apr 2007

MAME 0.114u2 source update

Full discrete sound emulation for Space Invaders, Konami improvements and several code fixes consist the 2nd update to the main MAME 0.114 core. Bugs are not missing, so keep sending those reports to MAMETesters. You can download the source update from here.


MAME 0.114u1 source update

Yes, it seems Easter vacation time is over. Not only for us but for the MAMEdev team as well. Here comes the first update to the main source code for 0.114. Get your compilers ready and enjoy. Ah, you should also download the source update from here. Winking


Happy Orthodox Easter

Two days ago we celebrated the Orthodox Easter here in Greece (and everywhere in the world, actually...). I would like to express my best wishes to everyone out there, whether you're an Orthodox Christian or not. May the light of God enlighten the minds of those who control our future. Peace and prosperity to you all.


MAME 0.114 is out

It is finally here. I cannot say how big it is, since I'm far behind of what I'd call full set right now; but I bet that most of you out there will be glad to know that this release incorporates all the latest Sega changes. Virtua Racing is finally playable thanks to Ernesto and El Semi. Thank you guys. The official release is available here. MAME32 ui version is available here.