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Mar 2008

Official MAME 0.124 and... a quick u1 fix

This 0.124u1 update should be an official release. The reason is that the 0.124 release had some sound issues that had do be fixed before launch. Oh well, it's not a spaceship, it's just another MAME release! The command-line release is here. MAME32 ui version is available here.
Download and enjoy.

Booting up alien OS's

Ok, I'm sure most of you you might have seen this over a thousand times, and I'm talking about a PC running OSX, but I promise, this is different. A nice 80GB WD running OSX and being able to boot up *almost* every core duo pc around the house, welp. That's something you should see
Feel free to comment the video, I'd love to reply to any questions on how I did it.


MAME 0.123 u1 - u4 updates.

It's time I get this page updated I guess. Sorry folks, I have been busy studying special and general relativity for the past one month... So, this is my last week at it (there will be a break after this for a couple of weeks I guess...) and if you want some emulation-update here it is. The past one month there were 4 intermediate updates and no official release. I'm hoping that there will be an OSX official version sometime soon too, even though I guess that won't be the 0.124 but the 0.123 one. All you Mac-fans keep your eyes here. As for all the others, I'm sure you know where to find the source updates, but just as a reminder they're here. Enjoy.