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Jun 2008

MAME 0.125u7-u8

Debugger enabled - Debugger disabled! Some problems have stood into the way to an official release, but worry not because Aaron is at it! Stay tuned for more (or not really, I won't be around up to the next weekend; my July exams remember?...) You should be able to learn all about it by clicking here,
Ttyl all, catch you next week!

MAME 0.125u4-u6

Being on a route to my July exams I don't really have much of a time to spend surfing on the net or to mess with MAME compiling, but still I had to update this page with the latest news. So, chances are you already know about it, if you don't you can have three more intermediate updates of 0.125. Get them by clicking here, or be patient... an official 0.126 release is not far away...

Check this out!

Close friends of mine know that I'm a pac-addict. Emulation or not, original or a clone, let it be yellow and eat dots, hearts, dust, WHATEVER really... This guy got me, I tell you:

LOL!!! Laugh

Ah, by the way, there's a new intermediate update. MAME 0.125u3 over here. Rush!!!