A world without games, is no fun at all...

Feb 2009

MAME 0.129 u5

I can tell you this: MAME 0.130 will be a totally different program compared to v. 0.129. Mainly the device assignment to all sound modules plus a ton of changes that came with it, makes this a safe prediction. In any case for all of you who have the time checking out the intermediate releases you should test all the games you care about and see if the play their sound right and when you do that, test some more with those which you don’t care about so much and report if you find anything funny... Files and info over here...

MAME 0.129 u4

Hello? Can you hear me? *static noise* Hello?... No kidding, this update changes pretty much everything we knew about MAME sound. Now Sound Chips are configured as devices. Several bugs are expected so you should test and report as usual to MAMETesters. Files and more info -as always- over here...

MAME 0.129 u1-u3

Just like expected, it took a little longer for me to achieve completeness on 0.129. Those damn LD-CHDs played their nasty part of course, but hey, why on earth did I pay that 24Mbit DSL for...? Anyway; MAME dev team has 3 more updates available for all you compiler-geeks out there and they are waiting HOT over here for you to get and compile. Happy