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Oct 2008

MAME 0.128!

I only have ONE word to say: “WOW”. This time we had a total of 8 updates and about two months without an official release. Well, enough with the stats though. It’s time to dive in and get those binary files quickly! So click over here, to download the latest command line official build and here for the MAME32 ui version. Enjoy!

New Apple Macbook line.

You know I’m an Apple fanboy since sometime in the early 80’s but as I grow older I think all my computers will be with an apple on the top of them...
New MacBooks out today. Enjoy them here.

MAME 0.127u5-u8

Chances are that we will be able to get our hands on the new official releases within a couple of days. In the meanwhile 3 more updates are lying over here for you to get and compile. Happy