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Aug 2008

MAME 0.127

After one more intermediate release, time has come for an official release. This time the good news is that we have laserdisk game support! Bad things is, you should be on the way for a new MAME hard drive. Get your engines ready and get quickly over here, to download the latest official build. MAME32 ui version is available as always, here. Enjoy!

MAME 0.126u3 and u4

Plenty of time to spare this time of year. I still have 10 days to chill out, swimming etc. Hope you are doing the same somewhere around the globe... On the emulation part now: Definitely not the time to compile if you ask me. Huge changes on the u3 update made many games missing sound, while a few others crash. The later has been fixed on u4 but the cheating system is not yet fully operational. All you have to do is wait for a couple of updates so that everything is normal again. If you insist updating and testing after all... Files and more info over here.