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Jun 2009

MAME 0.132 u1 & u2

Well, I am back from Florina; where we finally met with Spyros (grip) at Prespa. I haven’t got the time to be in Thessaloniki this time to meet with George Anastasiadis but I guess this can be arranged in another journey. In the mean time we have u1 and u2 update for 0.132. You can find files and info over here. Enjoy!

Javascript Be Gone!

It took me about a day to clean up the mess the trojan horse has caused... I have also informed the host-master about it and guess what; the server pc has revealed about 1000 .js (javascript) files with the malicious code. As I grow old I can certainly become wiser; I must admit I didn’t know the specific technique.

A nice thing also, is that has removed the ‘threat’ window after 8 days (it says from 2 to 10 days in their memorandum, I guess it was fast enough from their point of view). Now you can surf safely, no malicious javascript crap-code here now.

Ah, finally, I will be away for a whole week, so don’t expect any frequent updates; and no, it’s not vacations. It’s a job trip to the other side of Greece (Florina). A side effect is that I may have the chance to meet with a couple of friends in between; Grip (Spyros) and George (Anastasiadis)... So, see ya in a week!

Gameland became a threat (2)

It seems Google had it right. Our server was compromised some time ago and a trojan horse injected javascript malicious code to every single html file that had web access to the outside world. This has happened to over 90 sites that is hosted there and guess what; gameland was one of them.

The issue is described here while it’s a little bit different in our case; it leads to some china mortgage site instead of the russian one (WTF...)

I still have an issue with google communication though. It’s the 3rd time within the past week that I have sent the review request and nothing happened. I must assume that there is no real people behind the form (some bot does the job).

...sigh!... Sad

MAME 0.132

Chances are that you have downloaded this already and searching for perfect sets by now; but this is an emulation-news related site and nothing more remember? (Google do you read this?)
Anyway. Download the latest command line from here, and the ui MAME32 here. Please use cautiously; you might get infected by some retroarcademania virus!

Gameland became a threat!

has decided that this site malicious software that installs without the user consent. I have to say two things:
A. Why on earth you people are not more specific about the threats you found? (ie: page ‘x’ contains malicious code, please remove it)
B. Why after reviewing a host-master’s message about false posting don’t act within a couple of days, or week (at least respond to the message!)

To all of the visitors here; I am sure most of you know why you’re here. This site has never distributed any malware, virus, cracks, drugs, pills, women, booze, crapware or whatever the google’s advisor might have thought it did. Just press ‘ignore this warning’ and get inside. I assure you; it’s as safe as ever. Of course you can choose otherwise and trust .
It’s fine! really!