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Apr 2008

MAME 0.124u1,u2,u3 and u4

After a great Orthodox Easter, I decided to seek for some emulation news on the net. l realized that there was not one, not two but 4 intermediate updates! The later one states major changes to the memory system and a brand new AY-8910 emulator. You can find them all here. Enjoy.


Booting up OSX off an external HDD

I have some people asking about how did I manage to make an external HDD to boot any PC in the house with OSX (see March 2008 news archive). I have a list of 'to-do' things ready for you, so you can do this easily too. So here goes:

1. Partition your external HDD with MBR option ticked through Disk Utility from Kalyway's 10.5.1 DVD.

2. Install Kallyway’s 10.5.1 Dvd with MBR EFI and no specific kernel (top 2 options blank)

3. After setting up the machine info – reg name etc you should be able to boot up to OSX 10.5.1

4. Install Kallyway’s 10.5 .2 combo update and DO NOT reboot until updating kernels too! Choose the patched one.

5. After restart, boot with –v –s and hope everything goes ok

6. When up again, install NVinstaller V.41.pkg – This gave my 8600GTS QE/CI.

7. Reboot. You are all set.

PS: Be sure you have removed all internal HDDs from your machine so that you won't accidentaly format another one. I'd recommend you execute the procedure only with the external HDD attached and the DVD that you will install Kalyway's release from it.

Good Luck!


My Brand-New Air...

It's like being a boy and you're expecting your new toy, like... forever! I have been on the waiting list of Apple Greece for about a month and 5 days, but it's finally here:
It's the 1.8Ghz model but not the SSD one. It has an 1.8" 80Gb hard disk inside and -frankly- I prefer it over a +999$ upgrade to the solid-state 64GB disk one. I am into computers for about 2.5 decades now and I can say this: It's like you have been on an average-everyday car for 25 years. Driving it from home to work and back, taking your kids and wife on vacation... And then, you decide to treat yourself a brand new Ferrari. You know you shouldn't, but yet you just did it. This is exactly my experience of my first 48hrs with my new Macbook Air... and you know what? I definitely like it! Winking