A world without games, is no fun at all...

Jan 2010

MAME 0.136

One day before the year ends our favorite team decided that we needed yet another official MAME release. Yes; MAME 0.136 is here for you to enjoy! Download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI here, maintained by John Hardy IV in his new site. Check it out; it’s updated with the 64bit and 32bit versions.

Happy and prosperous 2010!

It’s about 13 years now since I decided to maintain this page. Sometime at the end of 1997 I have learned about MAME and back then it was a real thrill, I tell you! Things have changed since; and if you could ask any of us back then, what it was going to be like after 13 years, no one could predict how big MAME was going to be.

Anyway; we are still here and doing the same (more or less) things. I certainly cannot claim I manage to play EVERY new supported game with every ‘u’ release, but I surely manage to keep alive the spirit; and hopefully will continue to do so within 2010 too.

Happy and prosperous 2010 friends; and manage to keep alive the child in you!