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Jan 2008

OSX MAME v. 0.122

One of the things that keep me stringed to the XP (now that my job programming abilities are not needed in a daily basis as once was) is MAME. I tried to find a proper way to keep up with MAME on my Apple Macs. Welp, there wasn't any... up until now. For the record, the guy behind it is called Dave Dribin and he managed to port successfully MAME to the OSX platform and more specifically to the IntelMacs. So. If you're into Macs, there's no need to run MAME32 on parallels anymore... Here's the place!! Well done Dave!


MAME 0.122 u4 - u6 updates.

This time the bug-hunting reaches up to the extraordinary number 82! Yup. All those bugs reported by Mametesters have now been fixed and this time your favorite game might work as you wanted! Usual stuff, usual place. Enjoy.


MAME 0.122 u2 & u3 plus extras!

From what you can see at the Mamedev site there have been two updates to the main source into the new year. Those cover 14 Mametester's bugs and a working driver for buggy boy among other things. You can read the juicy details and download the necessary files from here.


Happy new year !

Here's another one to celebrate. I hope every single one of you have the best in this year. Hopefully this will be better than the last one and worse than the next one. Happy 2008 everybody!