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Dec 2008

Happy Holidays


I found this little cutie linux-like santa somewhere in the net and I figured out that’d be cool to let him wish you Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & a Happy 2009

I’d like to give my best wishes to all you MAME fans and friends out there. May the new year be better than 2008 and worse than 2010. Health and Prosper everyone!

MAME 0.128 u5-u7

MAME dev team has made some significant changes the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if we will have an official release before New Year’s Eve, but we can certainly hope so! While waiting; 3 more updates are waiting over here for you to get and compile. Happy

Goodbye Alex...

I can tell you, I can rarely remember a worse Christmas in my life. Politic controversies, youth explosive attitude, a dead 15 year old boy who was shot from the gun of a police officer; all happening here in Greece... In any case, human history has shown that the worst we people do is to forget. I’d add: ‘to ignore’ too.
Goodbye Alex...