A world without games, is no fun at all...

Sep 2007

A voice over the dark grounds...

We, the people of Peloponnese have all been through it, for over 20 days. Rain forests of southern Greece are pretty much history now. Where there were green leaves; now lies only blackness and ashes. I personally try hard when I'm going to work every morning to keep myself calm. Anyway...
A friend sent over a petition page today about the forest fires. You can read what's all about and sign for it by clicking here. The more who sign this, the better. If you have been through a similar situation then you know that's important. Thanks for your participation.


MAME 0.119

After a quick 0.118u6 here comes the official 0.119 MAME build. It is compiled with the updated compiler tools and holds all those fixes that we've been witnessing all this time. You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Happy hunting!


MAME 0.118u3-u5 source updates

All in all, I have missed about 3 updates to the main source code. All you folks out there should now have their binaries ready by now, so I'm just reporting this for the log. The source files can be found here.


Back to normal life...

Time is an extraordinary healing machine. One day you lose someone you love, after several few, you just get over it. Well, let's hope we don't forget the significant parts after the disaster. Southern Greece has lost much more than the fire death-toll of 65 persons... We lost a lot of it's natural beauty and the natural protections the rainforests were providing all these decades. Let's all hope for the best.