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Aug 2007

Greece on fire (update)

There are no words to describe the sadness of a human that faces the corpses of a burned mother holding her four children lying on black ground; only a few kilometers away from where our Greek ancestors first established the Olympic games. There are no words to describe the disaster that stroke Greece the last five days. There are no words to fill the gap in our hearts and the anger in our minds... Who is behind all this? Why nobody couldn't prevent it? Why nobody couldn't stop it?
The whole world faced the burned ground of "Kronion hill". The last moment the fire-fighters could manage to prevent the fire from burning the Olympic museum. The death-count in Greece at the time being is 63. Sixty Three people lost their lives in this fire-madness. About a thousand more have no place to live. They lost everything. Yesterday the fire in Kalamata reached about 800m from the house of my parents. God bless the pilot guy, who made two flights and managed to pour the water at the right spot so that it was extinguished just before the first house in Yiannitsanika. It's like being in a war of terror...
I hope nobody in the world finds himself / herself in a position similar to what we are living the past five days. God help us all to find the courage to live after all this. We need lot's of it to face, every day from now on, a once beautiful green place; now turned into an black, ugly, ghost cemetery full of ashes and carbonized trees.


Greece on fire

A horrendous disaster has been over our heads for the last couple of days. Ashes and thick smoke fills the air here in Kalamata. 52 people at the time being have lost their life in this extreme fire madness. The whole Peloponnese is suffering and many people have lost their homes, their property, their animals. I definitely believe this whole fire-blast was pre-organized by someone or many. The huge question-mark here lies after the word "WHY". I have managed to find some photographs for you from a local newspaper site. You can view them here.
Also there's a video that a friend send me. Click on the following image to watch a helicopter fighting with fire. His family blog is here (in greek).

Let's hope all this will end soon. I keep feeling I'm missing someone I love every single minute. Sad

MAME 0.118u2 source update

Several days ago we had another update covering some changes to the main MAME core and thus advancing the path towards the new 0.119 official release. All you code-hunters out there reach for the goods here and start compiling.


MAME 0.118u1 source update

Ok, life goes on and the code development seems to follow this rule. So here goes; tilemap changes this time. As being reported things have been internally revamped. If you're a developer make sure you have read tilemap.h before getting into the deep again. Downloads and more information here.


MAME 0.118

Hold your breath no more! The official 0.118 version is out and (cross fingers) the new input system is now officially implemented without problems. So, lets start testing this thing, shall we?! Winking