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Jul 2007

MAME 0.117u2 source update

If you like me have a lot of free time these days, well, I might have something for you. This release brings more fixes of the newly added input system also as to the new built in UI. Some more bugfixes have to do with MCR (Tron, Tapper etc). Please don't forget to report your bugs to Mametesters. You can go here to download the latest source update.

Whacker (STILL on vacation) Laugh

MAME 0.117u1 source update

So much for the stable releases. Changes and more changes in this u1 version of MAME. First, the input handling has been altered adding multi-mice and keyboards functionality. Second, a new UI for each game is now introduced. Consider the 2nd part as experimental. Report your bugs to Mametesters and go here to download the latest intermediate update.

Whacker (on vacation) Laugh

MAME 117!

It's old news by now, but here's the official 'stable' release after 4 intermediate updates. The implementation of CPS3 emulation is the big news, but that's not the only news... You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Happy rom-hunting!


Summertime relaxing!

As of yesterday, I'm officially relaxing. The feeling of having nothing to do is what I need right now for atleast 2 weeks. There are a few things to worry at work, but I'm gonna have to deal with them later. Wish you all happy summertime!

MAME 0.116u4 source update

A new intermediate update that contains a lot of CPS 3 optimizations, not to mention a whole lot of Mametesters bugfixes. I believe it won't be long before an official release so get your romhunting going, this one's gonna be huge! As usual the intermediate source file update can be found here.