A world without games, is no fun at all...


MAME 0.142

Long time gone now; it’s been nearly three months without our emulator of choice. So; the nice guys over at mamedev decided to release version 0.142. You can find it at the official site, while the UI version is on its way too.
Ti’s the season boys! Happy romhunting!

MAME 0.141

It was like I had something forgotten when I woke up this morning. I thought: “we have a brand new year; where’s the brand new MAME?” so I checked over at the official site, and guess what!? It waited for me there!!! Chances are that you may be already having the UI version also, but I had to remind you; just in case... Winking

MAME 0.140

Ahh, nothing like a round number (ie: 140) for an official release after all these months. Romhunting is the sport Ladies and Gents’! But first; you may want to download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI version from here, maintained all these years by John Hardy IV. Enjoy!

MAME 0.139

In Greece this time of year we have what you may call ‘idle times’. Ouzo, sunbathing, swimming and drinks with friends... So, just in time to save our lives from boredom, MAME 0.139 is around the corner ready to be explored and played. Download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI version from here, maintained by John Hardy IV. Happy vacation time everybody! Mine’s just started...

30 years of Pacman

Emulation maybe our drill, but it all started from a certain point, didn’t it? Well, it’s 30 years from now since our favorite pitsa-like guy started eating dots making funny sounds. 30 years that -i can tell you- they never passed for any of us! We are still on for a game in the meantime of a meeting, while we are waiting for the bus, or when we’re alone waiting for our beloved. Pacman is synonym to ‘arcade game’ and it’s been emulated for almost every device there is out there nowadays. Even the guys got to make a tribute emulation to their front page; and you know what?

They managed to do it in perfect order. I mean the ghosts are moving like in the original pacman / mspacman, you can ‘hide’ from them in a certain ‘invisible’ point etc, you can even play a 2-player game with a friend!! Of course it’s Google written all over the game, but still! I find it SUPER cool! Go to and have some fun!

MAME 0.138

In the middle of a -sort of- economic disaster there’s some hope on the emulation camp for more and more fun. Yes, you got it right! There’s finally a righteous reason for this ol’ page to get some sort of update. MAME 0.138 is out and ready to be fetched. Download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI here, maintained by John Hardy IV. Have fun everybody!

MAME 0.137

It’s time for another official release, the first of 2010 actually. This one brings several changes with it, making it essential to follow the instructions included into the ‘read me’ file. Most of you won’t face a problem, but for those of you that are used to compile yourselves the next MAME release you should be downloading now the new tools from here.
Another significant issue is that for those of you running win9x (you aren’t; I know) you will be needing the infamous unicows.dll file in order to run MAME 0.137.
Well; that seems to cover it all up until further notice. Enjoy!

MAME 0.136

One day before the year ends our favorite team decided that we needed yet another official MAME release. Yes; MAME 0.136 is here for you to enjoy! Download the latest command line from here, and the MAMEUI here, maintained by John Hardy IV in his new site. Check it out; it’s updated with the 64bit and 32bit versions.

MAME 0.135 for OSX

As an AppleFanBoy I am, I definitely wanted a native port for my OS. Ofcourse I could run MAME on Bootcamp or even parallels, but you know the feeling... it’s like something is not OK. So, surfing around the net I managed to get myself a proper build for 0.135 that works! My previous one was 0.124 so it’s a quantum leap! The man behind it is Zuki Gotlieb and you can get it from here.

MAME 0.135

Happy November everyone! Things went slowly on my side for the last couple of weeks; there were some personal things that needed desperately to be sorted out. Imagine that I wasn’t able to test all the new drivers from 0.134 yet; and here we go with another fresh release: MAME 0.135 is here and ready to be explored!
Oh well... I think I can handle both releases anyway; so I won’t complain any more! On with the juicy details! Stuff that matters, slowly but surely click here!

MAME 0.134

It seems that all this time I had my computer lying in the side and all I was able to do is fooling around with friends and enjoying the seaside and my vacation time. Sad as it sounds; all things come to an end (especially the good ones)...
The nice part is that everyone is back so after 5 intermediate updates the mamedev guys have released a new official MAME release.
Grab it from the Latest Release page and have fun!

MAME 0.133

And we have a new official release just in time for my vacation time. After five ‘u’ releases it’s time for us to get our hands into the real thing. I recently have been very busy at work and it will certainly be a nice pre-vacation present. So... as usual; download the latest command line from here, and the ui MAME32 from here.
Happy vacations everyone!

MAME 0.132 u3 & u4

The most interesting and intriguing moment of u4 lies under the ‘what’s new’ read me file under the:

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Pirati [Tomasz Slanina]
Johnny Nero Action Hero [R. Belmont, The Dumping Union]
Poly-Net Warriors [Uki]
Sunset Riders (bootleg of Megadrive version)
[Gatinho, Smitdogg, Dumping Union, David Haywood]
The House of the Dead III [GDX-0001] [MAME Italia]
Jockey Club II (2 sets) [David Haywood]
Quake Arcade Tournament [Siftware]
Turret Tower [Siftware]

Yup! You’ve read that right. Quake Arcade Tournament is WIP now on MAME. There are several other things that will keep you busy if you decide building this intermediate version, like better AGA implementation for Amiga A1200 model (we are getting closer to a perfect emulation) and other stuff.
You can find files and info over here.

MAME 0.132 u1 & u2

Well, I am back from Florina; where we finally met with Spyros (grip) at Prespa. I haven’t got the time to be in Thessaloniki this time to meet with George Anastasiadis but I guess this can be arranged in another journey. In the mean time we have u1 and u2 update for 0.132. You can find files and info over here. Enjoy!

MAME 0.132

Chances are that you have downloaded this already and searching for perfect sets by now; but this is an emulation-news related site and nothing more remember? (Google do you read this?)
Anyway. Download the latest command line from here, and the ui MAME32 here. Please use cautiously; you might get infected by some retroarcademania virus!

Two more u's

Within the last couple of weeks we had two more updates; the u1 has an initial basic renderer for Naomi hardware (wow!) while the second one keeps up the pace towards the right direction and needs your attention in order to get tested. So we now have reached MAME 0.131u2. Files and info over here.

MAME 0.131

Did you expect it sooner? Well, I certainly didn’t; but still, here it is. The previously announced CHD changes have now been confirmed and considered official. You don’t have to do anything though if you don’t have a problem with ‘bad rom’ each time you run a CHD game. Everything will be OK anyway. Download the latest command line here, and MAME32 here.

One more u to go!

This is a huge update for all you MAME fans out there; since this is the last intermediate source update to the official 0.131, that comes right after it. So to keep you posted; u2, u3 and u4 have been released so far. Please bear in mind you need to update those CHD files; or you will have to re-download everything from scratch. Files and info over here...

MAME 0.130u1

Oops! Seems that with this release we will have to re-download every single CHD since the old ones are invalid...!

No no don’t faint on me now!!!!

Hehe, thank God, not really. But the truth is that CHD source part has been altered a bit so there are some side effects. The first one is that all ‘diff’ files are now ‘invalid’. Second; ALL your CHDs must be updated via the command:

chdman -update [chdfile] [newchdfile]

Don’t be afraid; it will only take about 2 days time and a spare HDD to do so and keep the old files intact and safe in place... or you can always wait until this is final... Files and info over here...

MAME 0.130

Yup; Here it is! It’s probably the most different version from all we have ever tried so far and I can tell you; I definitely have to go deep into this and test all my favorite games so that I certify that they’re all singing and all dancing too. Talk is cheap so let’s head for the binaries, shall we?? Download the latest command line here, and MAME32 here.

MAME 0.129 u5

I can tell you this: MAME 0.130 will be a totally different program compared to v. 0.129. Mainly the device assignment to all sound modules plus a ton of changes that came with it, makes this a safe prediction. In any case for all of you who have the time checking out the intermediate releases you should test all the games you care about and see if the play their sound right and when you do that, test some more with those which you don’t care about so much and report if you find anything funny... Files and info over here...

MAME 0.129 u4

Hello? Can you hear me? *static noise* Hello?... No kidding, this update changes pretty much everything we knew about MAME sound. Now Sound Chips are configured as devices. Several bugs are expected so you should test and report as usual to MAMETesters. Files and more info -as always- over here...

MAME 0.129 u1-u3

Just like expected, it took a little longer for me to achieve completeness on 0.129. Those damn LD-CHDs played their nasty part of course, but hey, why on earth did I pay that 24Mbit DSL for...? Anyway; MAME dev team has 3 more updates available for all you compiler-geeks out there and they are waiting HOT over here for you to get and compile. Happy

MAME 0.129

It’s finally here! After a long wait of two and a half months, the official release of MAME is here. There’s a huge ‘what’s new’ file describing all the changes that took place all these months which you can read over here, where you can download the latest command line official build too. If you prefer the MAME32 flavor here is your place. Enjoy!

MAME 0.128 u5-u7

MAME dev team has made some significant changes the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if we will have an official release before New Year’s Eve, but we can certainly hope so! While waiting; 3 more updates are waiting over here for you to get and compile. Happy

MAME 0.128u4 and other stuff...

I have been away all this time and it wasn’t for a good reason. All in all, everything went *kinda* back to normal now and life begins rolling again, the good, old ordinary way. You know, you never appreciate how nice it is for life being ‘normal’ until you face an abnormality.
Anyway; there are some things that won’t easily change (thank God) like MAME updates! Version 0.128u4 is out and ready to be explored while we wait for the official 0.129 release (I might make a hard guess and predict this during Christmas time).
My other news is that I have built a new machine. It’s a Quad Core intel @ 2.4GHz overclocked to 3.00GHz with 4 Gb of OCZ ram. I primary use this for gaming on my 42” plasma screen and for watching movies...
Did I mention that it runs OSX? Winking

MAME 0.128!

I only have ONE word to say: “WOW”. This time we had a total of 8 updates and about two months without an official release. Well, enough with the stats though. It’s time to dive in and get those binary files quickly! So click over here, to download the latest command line official build and here for the MAME32 ui version. Enjoy!

MAME 0.127u5-u8

Chances are that we will be able to get our hands on the new official releases within a couple of days. In the meanwhile 3 more updates are lying over here for you to get and compile. Happy

MAME 0.127u4

Yet another release brings us closer to the official 0.128 release. More additions, more HDD space! Last week I decided to treat myself to a brand new 500Gb external USB2 HDD from Lacie (just in case)... Winking Files and more info -as always- over here...

MAME 0.127u1-u3

I want to apologize about the lack of updates lately. Our previous server had many problems and our only option was to move on another machine. So, after a server change we are back in action. There has been plenty of progress regarding MAME development now reaching version 0.127u3. One of the things you should be looking at nowadays is the HDD prices since you'll be needing one pretty soon...
Hint: the laserdisk support on MAME.
Files and more info over here. Enjoy.

MAME 0.127

After one more intermediate release, time has come for an official release. This time the good news is that we have laserdisk game support! Bad things is, you should be on the way for a new MAME hard drive. Get your engines ready and get quickly over here, to download the latest official build. MAME32 ui version is available as always, here. Enjoy!

MAME 0.126u3 and u4

Plenty of time to spare this time of year. I still have 10 days to chill out, swimming etc. Hope you are doing the same somewhere around the globe... On the emulation part now: Definitely not the time to compile if you ask me. Huge changes on the u3 update made many games missing sound, while a few others crash. The later has been fixed on u4 but the cheating system is not yet fully operational. All you have to do is wait for a couple of updates so that everything is normal again. If you insist updating and testing after all... Files and more info over here.

Vacation (at last!) plus 0.126 u2

Ok, time has come for me to leave my worries behind and focus on important stuff (aka: my 29" cabinet restoration, swimming, cycling, playing PSP with my son etc) :-P
On the 1st part, chances are that it will be a bitch to achieve, since the only available machine so far to become an engine seems to be a G4 Quicksilver Mac running OSX 10.4 and OSX-Mame. I'll let you know when I have something new on this; my present worries focus on the CRT part. It's a 10 year old machine and some sort of service is required (mainly on the tube pins which corrosion is now present and that makes the CRT to behave erroneously). Hopefully I'll manage to make it as good as new again.
On the MAME part we have a u2 out on the way to the official 0.127. Files and more news over here. Enjoy!

Cheats, anyone?

MAME 0.126u1 and (just today) MAME 0.126u2 is out in the wild and all the cheaters out there (my big fat face included) should be happy considering that up to final 0.127 everything will be up and working perfectly. More changes have to do with the debugger system (yes, not perfect just yet) and LOTS of bug-fixes. All you need to do is click over here to read more and enjoy.

MAME 0.126

Yes, this is a fact! We have an official release. MAME reaches version 0.126 after 9 intermediate updates since version 0.125. Copy - Paste from the devsite:
here are several big changes come along with this release that you should be aware of:
  • The new universal recompiler engine is now live and running. Both the MIPS3 and PowerPC CPU cores have been ported over to it. Most games should be working about as well as they did before, and should be at full speed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Intel processors.
  • The MAME debugger is now included in all builds; just add the -debug option and you can use it from any 0.126 or later binary. This means the focus of the “debug build” is now to enable assertions and to make it easier to debug the MAME code itself.
  • The cheat engine is currently undergoing some major renovations. It is largely functional but still has some rough edges. If there are specific things wrong with it, please report the bugs over at MAMETesters, so that they get fixed during the 0.127 development cycle.

MAME 0.125u7-u8

Debugger enabled - Debugger disabled! Some problems have stood into the way to an official release, but worry not because Aaron is at it! Stay tuned for more (or not really, I won't be around up to the next weekend; my July exams remember?...) You should be able to learn all about it by clicking here,
Ttyl all, catch you next week!

MAME 0.125u4-u6

Being on a route to my July exams I don't really have much of a time to spend surfing on the net or to mess with MAME compiling, but still I had to update this page with the latest news. So, chances are you already know about it, if you don't you can have three more intermediate updates of 0.125. Get them by clicking here, or be patient... an official 0.126 release is not far away...

Check this out!

Close friends of mine know that I'm a pac-addict. Emulation or not, original or a clone, let it be yellow and eat dots, hearts, dust, WHATEVER really... This guy got me, I tell you:

LOL!!! Laugh

Ah, by the way, there's a new intermediate update. MAME 0.125u3 over here. Rush!!!


MAME 0.125u1 & u2

Being on the last month for the final exams for Quantum Physics and several other extraterrestrial scientific stuff of the same family, I should be studying instead of posting news here. But, there is a significant reason as you may be able to predict!... Time has come for another game to be emulated! Yes, it's true; World Rally is now able to run again (this time on virtual hardware though). All you need is to pay a visit here. Enjoy.

MAME OSX 0.124

One version behind the current Windows release, but yet it's news I always like to hear! OSX MAME v.0.124 is here for all your Macs out there. Dave Gribbin has it ready for you right here. Download and don't get your 0.124 roms updated just yet. Copy them to your Mac first! Winking


MAME 0.125

The time came for an official release. Chances are that you will have to test all your favourite games since the source has suffered several changes, but, hey! That's why you're here for!. Talk is cheap, so rush for the binaries. The command-line release is here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Have a nice weekend.


MAME 0.124u1,u2,u3 and u4

After a great Orthodox Easter, I decided to seek for some emulation news on the net. l realized that there was not one, not two but 4 intermediate updates! The later one states major changes to the memory system and a brand new AY-8910 emulator. You can find them all here. Enjoy.


Official MAME 0.124 and... a quick u1 fix

This 0.124u1 update should be an official release. The reason is that the 0.124 release had some sound issues that had do be fixed before launch. Oh well, it's not a spaceship, it's just another MAME release! The command-line release is here. MAME32 ui version is available here.
Download and enjoy.

MAME 0.123 u1 - u4 updates.

It's time I get this page updated I guess. Sorry folks, I have been busy studying special and general relativity for the past one month... So, this is my last week at it (there will be a break after this for a couple of weeks I guess...) and if you want some emulation-update here it is. The past one month there were 4 intermediate updates and no official release. I'm hoping that there will be an OSX official version sometime soon too, even though I guess that won't be the 0.124 but the 0.123 one. All you Mac-fans keep your eyes here. As for all the others, I'm sure you know where to find the source updates, but just as a reminder they're here. Enjoy.


MAME 0.123

This is the 11th MAME birthday. Eleven years of fun, memorabilia, happiness; ah, and infinite 'Insert Coin's... Easy as 1,2,3, our favorite emulator, reaches version 0.123. I have nothing more to say but a huge 'thank you' to everyone involved, programming, rom dumping, or anything that made MAME what it is today. A loving, living part of our childhood and a part of our everyday lives. Thanks guys!
Ah, almost forgot: The command-line release is here. MAME32 ui version is available here.

OSX MAME v. 0.122

One of the things that keep me stringed to the XP (now that my job programming abilities are not needed in a daily basis as once was) is MAME. I tried to find a proper way to keep up with MAME on my Apple Macs. Welp, there wasn't any... up until now. For the record, the guy behind it is called Dave Dribin and he managed to port successfully MAME to the OSX platform and more specifically to the IntelMacs. So. If you're into Macs, there's no need to run MAME32 on parallels anymore... Here's the place!! Well done Dave!


MAME 0.122 u4 - u6 updates.

This time the bug-hunting reaches up to the extraordinary number 82! Yup. All those bugs reported by Mametesters have now been fixed and this time your favorite game might work as you wanted! Usual stuff, usual place. Enjoy.


MAME 0.122 u2 & u3 plus extras!

From what you can see at the Mamedev site there have been two updates to the main source into the new year. Those cover 14 Mametester's bugs and a working driver for buggy boy among other things. You can read the juicy details and download the necessary files from here.


MAME 0.122u1

At first, merry Christmas to all of you. May you have health, love and prosperity. Second, here's a 'little Christmas treat' for all of us from the guys at Mamedev. You can read more about what's in it and download the necessary files from here.

MAME 0.122!

Life goes on; as hard as it sounds, it feels as same as always. A new official MAME version is out; this time incorporating a brand new Saturn Custom Sound Processor, also as, several new neogeo stuff plus all the intermediate changes. You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. As for the needed roms, google is your friend...


MAME 0.121! (plus a quick u1 update)

On November 18th there was an official release of our favorite emulator. Being busy with my family issues I didn't even manage to get the latest images; and yet another (u1) update comes in... I better get going! You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. If you already have the latest official update and feel like compiling head over here and download the latest u1 release.


MAME 0.120u1 - u2 & u3

Not one, not two, but three source updates are available at mamedev's site. These cover several fixes on current drivers but what I found significant was the changes on Mortal Combat 4 driver. If you feel like compiling head over here and download the latest releases.

MAME 0.120!

After yet another 0.119u4 release (ok I know I missed that) we have an official build. I counted about a mere 170mb update for this one since the official 0.119 release so I guess it won't be so hard to have a perfect set again... Anyway, due to some family health issues it's hard for me to keep up with the intermediate updates, so until this is over, please have patience... Thanks Happy


ΜΑΜΕ 0.119u3

OK, this should be heard as 'very promising' feature. This sub-version incorporates "...and a number of multithreading changes that enable the 3dfx Voodoo emulation to take advantage of multiple CPUs...". I don't know about you, but as an ol' fart I can assure you that I still have an original Voodoo 3dfx lying around here in a box somewhere. Taking in account the money I paid for it some 10 years ago... well; it *kinda* hurts. Winking
Anyway... The source files together with more info about what you're going to build can be found here.


MAME 0.119u1 & 2

Fortunately, we're on a roll again. So is the MAME dev team. So we do have two intermediate updates to compile while waiting for a milestone (?) of the official 0.120. So. The source files can be found here.


MAME 0.119

After a quick 0.118u6 here comes the official 0.119 MAME build. It is compiled with the updated compiler tools and holds all those fixes that we've been witnessing all this time. You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Happy hunting!


MAME 0.118u3-u5 source updates

All in all, I have missed about 3 updates to the main source code. All you folks out there should now have their binaries ready by now, so I'm just reporting this for the log. The source files can be found here.


MAME 0.118u2 source update

Several days ago we had another update covering some changes to the main MAME core and thus advancing the path towards the new 0.119 official release. All you code-hunters out there reach for the goods here and start compiling.


MAME 0.118u1 source update

Ok, life goes on and the code development seems to follow this rule. So here goes; tilemap changes this time. As being reported things have been internally revamped. If you're a developer make sure you have read tilemap.h before getting into the deep again. Downloads and more information here.


MAME 0.118

Hold your breath no more! The official 0.118 version is out and (cross fingers) the new input system is now officially implemented without problems. So, lets start testing this thing, shall we?! Winking


MAME 0.117u2 source update

If you like me have a lot of free time these days, well, I might have something for you. This release brings more fixes of the newly added input system also as to the new built in UI. Some more bugfixes have to do with MCR (Tron, Tapper etc). Please don't forget to report your bugs to Mametesters. You can go here to download the latest source update.

Whacker (STILL on vacation) Laugh

MAME 0.117u1 source update

So much for the stable releases. Changes and more changes in this u1 version of MAME. First, the input handling has been altered adding multi-mice and keyboards functionality. Second, a new UI for each game is now introduced. Consider the 2nd part as experimental. Report your bugs to Mametesters and go here to download the latest intermediate update.

Whacker (on vacation) Laugh

MAME 117!

It's old news by now, but here's the official 'stable' release after 4 intermediate updates. The implementation of CPS3 emulation is the big news, but that's not the only news... You can read more and download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Happy rom-hunting!


MAME 0.116u4 source update

A new intermediate update that contains a lot of CPS 3 optimizations, not to mention a whole lot of Mametesters bugfixes. I believe it won't be long before an official release so get your romhunting going, this one's gonna be huge! As usual the intermediate source file update can be found here.


MAME 0.116u3 and 0.116u3 redux source update

It happens when you're busy. You leave out a certain minor detail that proves itself it wasn't so minor at all. Nevertheless, here it is the latest and greatest so far intermediate source update for MAME. Keyboard works again; the windows specific problem is now solved. Please test and report errors to Mametesters. As usual the intermediate source file update is here.


MAME 0.116u2 source update

This one's a milestone! CPS III decryption is finally done. You should have been able to know about it by now, since another emulator is out with the implementation of this feature, but it's good to know that MAME can do it too! Please test and report errors to Mametesters. As usual the intermediate source file update is here.


New MINGW tools!

For all you Vista people (I ain't) who have had problems compiling the latest source files, there is a new set of tools available, so that you'll be able to fulfill your greed for an early release A.S.A.P.! A short tutorial and links for downloading is presented here. I downloaded them myself even if I'm on XP, but didn't have the time to test them yet; I'm busy studying for my 29th of June Physics exam... Sad


MAME 0.116u1 source update.

Neogeo rewritten! Yes, this is a milestone for all you Neogeo fans out there. According to the chaps at mamedev this ought to be tested and report the errors to Mametesters so that they'll be fixed. You can download the source file update from the here.

MAME 0.116 is out

Ah, summertime is here and a brand new official MAME release is out too! Discrete sound emulation in Donkey Kong and Radar scope among all the latest intermediate additions, construct this great release. The only thing to worry now is where to get the roms Winking
You can download the command-line release from here. MAME32 ui version is available here.


MAME 0.115u4 source update.

The keyword is 'simplification' and it's all about the effort of the MAME dev. team to simplify of the code throughout MAME project. So, here it is 0.115u4 is out and ready to be compiled. You can download the source file update from the usual place. Enjoy.


MAME 0.115u3 source update.

Many more changes onto the road to 0.116. If you're into the compiling thing you probably have something to celebrate! You can download the source files from the usual place. Enjoy.


MAME 0.115u1 & u2 source updates

There are a lot of changes since the official 0.115 release. After u1, here comes u2 which is considered as a major release. You can read more about it and download the source files from the usual place. Enjoy.


MAME 0.115 is out

It's been a while since I have updated this site, in the meanwhile, there were two source updates and a final one! I'd charactrerize it as a Konami update, but this is not only that. Anyway, rush for the goods! The official release is available here. MAME32 ui version is available here. Enjoy!


MAME 0.114u3 source update

It's about time for another update, this one adds more improvements to the konami emulation from Ville, also as several other fixes addressed from MAMETesters. If you're into the compiling game please treat yourselves to the latest u4 update to the main core. Update is available for download here.


MAME 0.114u2 source update

Full discrete sound emulation for Space Invaders, Konami improvements and several code fixes consist the 2nd update to the main MAME 0.114 core. Bugs are not missing, so keep sending those reports to MAMETesters. You can download the source update from here.


MAME 0.114u1 source update

Yes, it seems Easter vacation time is over. Not only for us but for the MAMEdev team as well. Here comes the first update to the main source code for 0.114. Get your compilers ready and enjoy. Ah, you should also download the source update from here. Winking


MAME 0.114 is out

It is finally here. I cannot say how big it is, since I'm far behind of what I'd call full set right now; but I bet that most of you out there will be glad to know that this release incorporates all the latest Sega changes. Virtua Racing is finally playable thanks to Ernesto and El Semi. Thank you guys. The official release is available here. MAME32 ui version is available here.


Sega Model 2 is approaching

Another intermediate update. MAME 0.113u4 is out. This version is reported as very important for Sega emulation; you may not be able to see the difference with this release, but there's a lot of work done to make Sega Model 2 games a reality on MAME. I give it about a month or so, since some of my favorite programmers are involved in this. Read more here about it and download the diff update from the same place as well. Enjoy.


MAME 0.113u3 on the road

Here we go again. A fresh u3 release fixing the MC8123 emulation from Nicola -the man- himself! Maddog will be happy this time, since some of his beloved Sega games will finally find their way to resurrection. As usual, the latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Enjoy.


MAME 0.113u1 &u2 source updates

It's hardly to keep up these days with all this chd-hunting. My chd directory into the MAME dir is barely 52GB!!!... Anyway, as most things in this world, updates keep rolling and so, we have another two (the u1 had a mistake) updates to incorporate into the MAME core. I didn't have the time to update so far, but I guess in the next couple of days I will probably will.
You can read more about those 2 releases and download the latest diffs from THIS link. Enjoy!


Lucky 113 (or: MAME 0.113 is out)

Here's the latest official MAME release. Incorporates all the latest changes in sound and input systems emulation and some new chds, among the roms also. The list is rather long and if you weren't able to keep up with the intermediate updates, I guess you'll have to start ASAP. You can find the official version at the official website and MAME32 UI version soon here. Enjoy romhunting! Winking


MAME 0.112u4 source update

According to the mamedev team this should be a fine release to make your test reports according to the newest sound alterations on the MAME code. I guess this version will produce a proper MAME32 file since there's a new build out on David's site who maintains the MAME32 ui source code. Download both parts and hope it works (I'm not done building by now so don't look my way) Winking


MAME 0.112u3 source update

Does THIS sounds familiar? I don't know about you but this version sounds differently. The way that MAME handles the sound producing changes from this version on. You can read more about it and download the latest diff file from THIS link. Enjoy!


MAME 0.112u2 source update

Here's the second intermediate update after the milestone 0.112 version. There is still not a MAME32 source update due to the new 0.112u1 layout and truth is that there are certain things you should alter in the 0.112-32 source tree in order this (and the previous) version to compile without problems (if the produced binary's gonna work; well this is another story) Winking. Anyway I guess by the time you'll be reading this it's gonna be a new MAME32 source update out too. Right now you can get the latest MAME source diff from here and hope for the best.


MAME 0.112u1 source update

After the 10-year milestone version, there's a brand new u1 out. I didn't have the time to compile just yet, nor scan for the changes. I am currently busy on making a full backup of the previous official release. As usual, the latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Enjoy.


10 Years of MAME!

Well, it's hard to admit it, but there it is! Time flies quickly folks. There are 10 whole years since the first MAME release from Nicola Salmoria on Feburary 5, 1997. Ten years of fun and 'insert coins'. There's an 'anniversary' official release (MAME 0.112) which contains a whole lot of stuff. Most significant is the CPS2 decryption, but it's not the only one. Full speech and sound in 'Berzerk' and complete rewritten code for B&W Midway games. You can read more about this release here. It's been a great decade for me. I hope you had a pleasant one too... Happy


MAME 0.111u6 source update

A quick one after u5 since a lot of changes have been implemented in the previous 3-4 days. I counted (and finally got) 14 new games in this one (or better: clrmame scanned them) but, unfortunately, expect not to find the Jolly Card Austria (encrypted) in those (still M.I.A.). Compiling was smooth and I didn't have to download an extra source update for the MAME32 version. Latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Enjoy.


MAME 0.111u5 source update

This is somewhat different; no, don't worry, no laserdisks (YET); only Aaron presenting a new interrupt handling of Z80 core. You should test all your favorite Z80 games and report any bugs at mametesters. I personally found some timing problem in Arkanoid World, (ball hip-hops and racket instability) but it may be due to several reasons (probably game specific) since other games I tried with Z80 core worked just fine. The compiling has no problems in this one and the MAME32 is working perfectly. Enjoy this one and don't forget to upgrade to the latest clrmame in order to have a proper romscan. The latest version is 3.99 and you can download it from here. Latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site.


MAME 0.111u4 source update

Eventhough I didn't manage to make a MAME32 build for u3, I managed to perform a successful scan with the command line version. There was a ui error that came from win32ui.c about an undefined main_ function which I preferred not to change on windows\main.c since diffs won't be working after you change something in the core files...Sad
Needless to say, I don't expect more from the u4 source update so, I guess we'll have to wait for the intermediate update of MAME32 (GUI version) source for u4. It's not yet ready, but when it's done, it's gonna be available here. As the previous ones, this source diff is available at the official mamedev site.

MAME 0.111u3 source update

I'm very happy with this update. As mentioned here (read the comments) we have many things to celebrate; one of which is the addition of a multithreaded framework. I personally think that the only person able to make multi-core CPU syncing functional in MAME is Aaron Giles. Anyway; the source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Happy testing! Laugh


MAME 0.111u2 source update

Here's another one to keep us busy for the next couple of days. The important bit is 'Amiga core updates'. I'll say no more, the source diff is available at the official mamedev site. If you want the intermediate update of MAME32 (GUI version) source for u2 it's available here. Enjoy Winking


MAME 0.111u1 source update

This is what you get when you have left things back for the holidays... A new source update with a lot of changes is available at the official mamedev site. You should look forward the intermediate update of MAME32 source for u1 if you want the MAME32 version of the emulator. It's available here. Enjoy compiling and romhunting... Winking


MAME 0.111 is out

After all those new chds, this is entitled "All your harddisks are belong to us". If you are into rom hunting, there's a great possibility that you won't be able to have a 100% complete set no matter how hard you're gonna try... Never mind; don't forget - it's Christmas and Santa may have a gift for you too at the end... Click here for the official site, where you may download the latest version... Winking