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Jan 2007

MAME 0.111u6 source update

A quick one after u5 since a lot of changes have been implemented in the previous 3-4 days. I counted (and finally got) 14 new games in this one (or better: clrmame scanned them) but, unfortunately, expect not to find the Jolly Card Austria (encrypted) in those (still M.I.A.). Compiling was smooth and I didn't have to download an extra source update for the MAME32 version. Latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Enjoy.


MAME 0.111u5 source update

This is somewhat different; no, don't worry, no laserdisks (YET); only Aaron presenting a new interrupt handling of Z80 core. You should test all your favorite Z80 games and report any bugs at mametesters. I personally found some timing problem in Arkanoid World, (ball hip-hops and racket instability) but it may be due to several reasons (probably game specific) since other games I tried with Z80 core worked just fine. The compiling has no problems in this one and the MAME32 is working perfectly. Enjoy this one and don't forget to upgrade to the latest clrmame in order to have a proper romscan. The latest version is 3.99 and you can download it from here. Latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site.


MAME 0.111u4 source update

Eventhough I didn't manage to make a MAME32 build for u3, I managed to perform a successful scan with the command line version. There was a ui error that came from win32ui.c about an undefined main_ function which I preferred not to change on windows\main.c since diffs won't be working after you change something in the core files...Sad
Needless to say, I don't expect more from the u4 source update so, I guess we'll have to wait for the intermediate update of MAME32 (GUI version) source for u4. It's not yet ready, but when it's done, it's gonna be available here. As the previous ones, this source diff is available at the official mamedev site.

MAME 0.111u3 source update

I'm very happy with this update. As mentioned here (read the comments) we have many things to celebrate; one of which is the addition of a multithreaded framework. I personally think that the only person able to make multi-core CPU syncing functional in MAME is Aaron Giles. Anyway; the source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Happy testing! Laugh


Will PAY for Iphone!

I have been staring at it since yesterday. I can't figure out what exactly is that I want more: The mac inside the phone; the media capabilities; the wifi internet browsing (Edge won't play in Greece); the 8Gb embedded memory; or the OSX intergrated OS?...
Gosh, I want one soon! Gasp

Compiling MAME under VISTA

I found this article from Aaron's site quite intriguing; given the fact that I haven't yet installed Vista (even though I have the RC1 package for sometime now for testing purposes from my company IT dept.). The most interesting part though imho is the way that people respond to the inability of Vista to build a proper MAME binary without a bunch of hocus-pocus tricks and treats... How many of the fellow programmers at mamedev find Aero nice and who dislike it? Click the above link... Interesting read. Winking

MAME 0.111u2 source update

Here's another one to keep us busy for the next couple of days. The important bit is 'Amiga core updates'. I'll say no more, the source diff is available at the official mamedev site. If you want the intermediate update of MAME32 (GUI version) source for u2 it's available here. Enjoy Winking


The first sunset...

It's now known that I'm proud of the place I live. Kalamata, Greece looks marvelous in the summertime but it's also nice during the winter. I'd like to share with you the first sunset of 2007, in a photo i got with my cellphone today. I replaced my previous windows background with this, hope you like it like I do.

Happy 2007!!!

We'd like to wish a very happy and peaceful 2007 to everybody. May this year bring happiness all around the world, an equal life to the poor nations, food to those who are starving and love among us all. The faster we all understand that we are participants in the same game, this world will be a better place for all of us...