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Mar 2007

Sega Model 2 is approaching

Another intermediate update. MAME 0.113u4 is out. This version is reported as very important for Sega emulation; you may not be able to see the difference with this release, but there's a lot of work done to make Sega Model 2 games a reality on MAME. I give it about a month or so, since some of my favorite programmers are involved in this. Read more here about it and download the diff update from the same place as well. Enjoy.


MAME 0.113u3 on the road

Here we go again. A fresh u3 release fixing the MC8123 emulation from Nicola -the man- himself! Maddog will be happy this time, since some of his beloved Sega games will finally find their way to resurrection. As usual, the latest source diff is available at the official mamedev site. Enjoy.


MAME 0.113u1 &u2 source updates

It's hardly to keep up these days with all this chd-hunting. My chd directory into the MAME dir is barely 52GB!!!... Anyway, as most things in this world, updates keep rolling and so, we have another two (the u1 had a mistake) updates to incorporate into the MAME core. I didn't have the time to update so far, but I guess in the next couple of days I will probably will.
You can read more about those 2 releases and download the latest diffs from THIS link. Enjoy!


Lucky 113 (or: MAME 0.113 is out)

Here's the latest official MAME release. Incorporates all the latest changes in sound and input systems emulation and some new chds, among the roms also. The list is rather long and if you weren't able to keep up with the intermediate updates, I guess you'll have to start ASAP. You can find the official version at the official website and MAME32 UI version soon here. Enjoy romhunting! Winking


MAME 0.112u4 source update

According to the mamedev team this should be a fine release to make your test reports according to the newest sound alterations on the MAME code. I guess this version will produce a proper MAME32 file since there's a new build out on David's site who maintains the MAME32 ui source code. Download both parts and hope it works (I'm not done building by now so don't look my way) Winking