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Nov 2009

MAME 0.135 for OSX

As an AppleFanBoy I am, I definitely wanted a native port for my OS. Ofcourse I could run MAME on Bootcamp or even parallels, but you know the feeling... it’s like something is not OK. So, surfing around the net I managed to get myself a proper build for 0.135 that works! My previous one was 0.124 so it’s a quantum leap! The man behind it is Zuki Gotlieb and you can get it from here.

My Experia X1 mods

I have purchased a used X1 a couple of months ago, mainly for GPS use. I do have to say that this must be the phone with the most rom-mods in existence nowadays. After a lot of try and testing, I have found myself one of the best -in my opinion- custom rom. It sure has some minor glitches, but you will love its speed and features. Read more and get it from here.
I strongly recommend to become a member it’s a great community forum afaic the wm devices.
Almost forgot. READ how to flash the rom before you try anything! You might end up with an expensive brick in your hands...

MAME 0.135

Happy November everyone! Things went slowly on my side for the last couple of weeks; there were some personal things that needed desperately to be sorted out. Imagine that I wasn’t able to test all the new drivers from 0.134 yet; and here we go with another fresh release: MAME 0.135 is here and ready to be explored!
Oh well... I think I can handle both releases anyway; so I won’t complain any more! On with the juicy details! Stuff that matters, slowly but surely click here!