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Oct 2007

MAME 0.120!

After yet another 0.119u4 release (ok I know I missed that) we have an official build. I counted about a mere 170mb update for this one since the official 0.119 release so I guess it won't be so hard to have a perfect set again... Anyway, due to some family health issues it's hard for me to keep up with the intermediate updates, so until this is over, please have patience... Thanks Happy


ΜΑΜΕ 0.119u3

OK, this should be heard as 'very promising' feature. This sub-version incorporates "...and a number of multithreading changes that enable the 3dfx Voodoo emulation to take advantage of multiple CPUs...". I don't know about you, but as an ol' fart I can assure you that I still have an original Voodoo 3dfx lying around here in a box somewhere. Taking in account the money I paid for it some 10 years ago... well; it *kinda* hurts. Winking
Anyway... The source files together with more info about what you're going to build can be found here.


MAME 0.119u1 & 2

Fortunately, we're on a roll again. So is the MAME dev team. So we do have two intermediate updates to compile while waiting for a milestone (?) of the official 0.120. So. The source files can be found here.