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Mar 2009

MAME 0.130u1

Oops! Seems that with this release we will have to re-download every single CHD since the old ones are invalid...!

No no don’t faint on me now!!!!

Hehe, thank God, not really. But the truth is that CHD source part has been altered a bit so there are some side effects. The first one is that all ‘diff’ files are now ‘invalid’. Second; ALL your CHDs must be updated via the command:

chdman -update [chdfile] [newchdfile]

Don’t be afraid; it will only take about 2 days time and a spare HDD to do so and keep the old files intact and safe in place... or you can always wait until this is final... Files and info over here...

MAME 0.130

Yup; Here it is! It’s probably the most different version from all we have ever tried so far and I can tell you; I definitely have to go deep into this and test all my favorite games so that I certify that they’re all singing and all dancing too. Talk is cheap so let’s head for the binaries, shall we?? Download the latest command line here, and MAME32 here.