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Apr 2009

MAME 0.131

Did you expect it sooner? Well, I certainly didn’t; but still, here it is. The previously announced CHD changes have now been confirmed and considered official. You don’t have to do anything though if you don’t have a problem with ‘bad rom’ each time you run a CHD game. Everything will be OK anyway. Download the latest command line here, and MAME32 here.

One more u to go!

This is a huge update for all you MAME fans out there; since this is the last intermediate source update to the official 0.131, that comes right after it. So to keep you posted; u2, u3 and u4 have been released so far. Please bear in mind you need to update those CHD files; or you will have to re-download everything from scratch. Files and info over here...

Happy Orthodox Easter!

I don’t know if you have ever been in Greece so far, but I guess Easter it’s one of the best seasons of the year to be here. Everybody’s happy; except for the lamb! So, from my position (waiting for holy Sunday) I want to wish to everyone here happy Easter. Peace, love and prosperity to all of you!